Soluciones FCL por Alzamar


  • The FTL (full truckload) option is the fastest and cheapest solution for transportation. It uses a truck or a complete container, the merchandise is transported without transshipments to the destination with a seal that must be intact to the destination, it guarantees the inviolability of the merchandise.
  • The FTL load is compatible with intermodal transport and can be carried out in origin with a trailer that will embark to the destination or by using a container that may be transported even by rail on its land section, then, it will be ferried to a ship.


  • It is often a good idea to carry out an FTL load even if the entire vehicle is not completed, so it can be faster and more secure.
  • We accept the mode of FTL in which the loader includes expeditions for various receivers so when he gets to the destination the relevant deliveries will be made.
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