• Intermodal transport combines different means of transportation that allows the transfer of goods without manipulating or changing the original element in which the load has been made.
  • We use both the direct cargo in a trailer and the maritime container; it depends on the features of the merchandise and the final destination of it.
  • This kind of transportation guarantees other lower cost advantages which eliminate intermediate manipulations, reduction of transit time. Customers will have security and trustworthiness as well as speeding up in transport and customs documents.


Intermodal transport is an option that brings together capacity, selection of means of transportation, speed, and cost reduction. Intermodal transport takes advantage of each of the systems used:


  • It offers flexibility and speed.
  • It allows access to any load/delivery point.
  • We offer you direct control of the situation of the goods through the use of GPS, and direct contact with the driver who can inform in of any vicissitude in real time.
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  • Very economical load between the different railway terminals that allow the transport of goods.
  • It allows the transfer of large cargo units as well as heavy and bulky loads.
  • Provides specific transport elements for certain goods.
  • Allows the exchange of containers in combination with shipping.
  • It is ecological, closed times of transport between terminals.


  • It has the best relationship between traveled distance and cost.
  • It allows the transfer of large volumes of cargo. There are ships adapted for any kind of goods.
  • Reliable transit times between ports.
  • Ease of adaptation in the means of loading (containers). There are different sizes that constitute a tailored suit for each load unit.
  • It facilitates the transport of the trailer inside the boat which allows the driver to carry out the regulatory breaks on board.
  • It is also essential in the supply to the islands. We are highly specialized in this sector.
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